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It’s very important to feel comfortable with your Realtor® in La Quinta. Gary wants you to know a little bit more about his background and his approach:

I began visiting the Desert after being stationed at March Air Force base in the early 70’s. I fell in love with the laid-back attitude, the warmth of the people and the warm weather. In the early 80’s, when I owned Creative Tournament (the largest Racquetball Tournament Company in the US), I ran a couple of tournaments at the Palm Desert Athletic Club. Not only were the tournaments very successful, I found myself gravitating to the desert for relaxation and “get away time.”

Beginning in 1990, I would come to the desert at least once a month to get out of Los Angeles. When my father suddenly passed away in early 1998, I became the caretaker, if you will, of my mother. She always wanted to be in the desert and this seemed a great time to make that happen. We purchased a home for her in The Springs in Rancho Mirage, and she has loved every day in the desert since 1998.

Most importantly, when we were selling my parents’ home, we interviewed numerous agents – her home in Westlake was in high demand. The agent we chose was a big teddy bear named Tom Geiser, one of the leading agents in California and the United States. He took my mother by the hand and led us through the process of selling the family home and moving on in life. Ever since, Tom has been my mentor in real estate. He is not only one of the best real estate professionals you’ll ever meet, he’s one of the best people.

At that time, I was coming to the desert at least once a week to keep an eye on her and make sure she was doing fine. In 2003 and 2004, my wife had some serious surgery, which enabled us to step back and take a look at the quality of life.  We decided that we needed the quality of life the desert offers every homeowner.

When I met my wife, I was an avid water skier with the 35-foot motor home and competition ski boat. Then she introduced me to golf…and out went the motor home and the ski boat. I was hooked on this sport that hits a little white ball into a small hole in the grass. I now believe golf is a wonderful walk in the park while trying to accomplish the impossible.

In 2004, I became a Realtor® in both the Los Angeles area and the Desert. After selling our home in Whittier, we moved to La Quinta. The best move we have ever made. There are two wonderful things about the desert: the people and the weather. I have found the people, who come from all over the world, are so warm and friendly. When they say “hi,” they mean it. Even in casual conversation, people seem to genuinely care how you are doing. That is not so true in the Los Angeles area and other big cities.

Getting into real estate was a natural fit for me…I enjoy people. I enjoy being with people, and most importantly, I enjoy helping people. Looking back, the way Tom, my real estate mentor, took care of my mother, has provided me the inspiration for the type of professional I want to be – the professional who helps people move on in life, whether it is buying a home or selling a Palm Springs area home.

La Quinta is one of the finest areas in the country.  We have wonderful restaurants, a fabulous school system, and a City Management that is in tune with growth without allowing over-growth. I am fortunate that I have played every golf course in La Quinta – public and private – and there is not one that is not world-class caliber.

When clients ask where they should look for a home, I ask them if they would like to start with La Quinta. Granted, Palm Desert has more golf courses, but La Quinta has the Imperial Irrigation District – with much lower electrical bills, a major selling point. Ultimately, however, I will help you find the area that best suits you and what you are looking to achieve with your home in the desert. I like La Quinta, but you may like Indian Wells, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage or Palm Springs proper. I know all the areas and can help you pinpoint what will be best for you so you can get the most value from your home purchase.

I love the desert; it is that simple. I enjoy selling the desert and the desert lifestyle. I am very fortunate to be the Realtor® Consultant for the Tee-It-Up Radio Show, which is the only nationwide golf radio station. It’s radio’s Golf Channel. I am interviewed numerous times throughout the year about real estate and golf property in the Desert. It comes naturally for me to do that.

I love sharing my real estate knowledge and being a confidante, listener and friend – which is all under the job description of Realtor®. I am detail oriented and extremely responsive. I take my role as your trusted advisor very seriously.

What gets me going? The look on the buyer’s face when we close escrow is still the best. Helping the seller move to their next step is so rewarding.

Whatever your definition, my goal is to help you Live the Good Life in the Desert. Call or email me. I’m here to help.


 We spent a month in Bermuda Dunes in the summer of 2011 and Gary was always ready, willing and able to show us properties; he came prepared with plenty of information, was punctual and efficient. 

Alex and Siobhan Philip,Surrey, Canada

 Gary’s research on developments, golf courses, amenities and more is endless. He is so easy to deal with and talk to – and the best yet…he listens to you and finds what you want. You can’t go wrong with Gary when it comes to Palm Springs real estate. 

Bob and Michelle, Long Beach, California

 We came to the desert with one goal – find a home for the winter that has everything…all the bells and whistles. Once we met Gary and started our search we knew we were in the right hands. 

Brian and Cathy, Alberta, Canada

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